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“One of the most impressive things about Dr. Tina Thomas is that she really lives her message! She is bright, warm and fun. But even more importantly, what she teaches is new information that can be applied immediately for dramatic and powerful transformation of individuals, organizations and corporations.”

Barrie Mowatt, owner and CEO of Buschlen Mowatt Fine Arts, Vancouver Canada

Dr. Tina Thomas is an internationally renowned author and motivational speaker specializing in the field of self-development. Her endearing charismatic style has garnered Dr. Thomas a reputation of one of the most dynamic speakers on the circuit today. Her proven innovative programs enable people to quickly achieve their goals, whether it’s business success, personal growth or gaining a competitive edge.

Dr. Thomas was propelled into the international spotlight when she was credited with cracking the code of human personality, a feat that has been referred to by some as the “Holy Grail of Psychology”. The significance of this psychological breakthrough is immense; in fact many feel it could revolutionize the entire thought process of how humans reach their potential.

By combining the science of psychology and the art of psychotherapy, Dr. Thomas has discovered the principles of living a healthier, happier and more successful life. She shares this information in her game-changing book, The Ultimate Edge — How to Be, Do and Get ANYTHING You Want.

The Ultimate Edge

is no ordinary self-help book. According to Dennis Boyle, former editor of Men’s Health magazine . . .

“Dr. Tina Thomas’ book, The Ultimate Edge, is a book that transcends advice and self-help books. [… ] It provides a roadmap to greater stability in life and provides readers with something that can aid them in accomplishing larger, life changing goals. [… ] Not only does Dr. Thomas manage to tackle complex subjects (for example, the different parts of the brain) but she manages to do so in such a way that reading the work is enjoyable and understandable, even to an uninitiated reader. Who would have thought such material could be a joy to read?”

Dr. T will be publishing her second book this year based on her theory of the biological nature of personality, Who Do You Think You Are? — Understanding People from the Inside Out. Just as powerful as The Ultimate Edge (if not more!), Who Do You Think You Are? is filled with exciting original material and will be an outstanding companion to The Ultimate Edge.

As a speaker, Dr. Thomas shares her biologically based theories that translate into success in everyday life including increased sales, higher employee retention and an overall healthier lifestyle.  Dr. Thomas also helps people to develop a clear plan of action that accelerates their success and makes their dreams come true, whether they are looking to become the top salesperson in their company, increase their bottom line, improve professional and personal relationships or trying to make their first million dollars.

Dr. Thomas holds a Ph.D. in biopsychology, is a licensed clinical social worker, a registered nurse and a TEDx speaker.  Formerly the clinical director of the prestigious Tulane University’s Cancer Counseling Center and a research professor at Duke University, she is currently the Director of the Gestalt Institute and Relationship Center of New Orleans. Known among friends and colleagues as a “professional fairy godmother”, she has a well-earned reputation for empowering others to reach their goals in an elegant and dynamic way. She has a private practice, is a corporate consultant and offers personalized workshops that have changed the lives of entrepreneurs, educators, CEO’s, medical professionals and people from all walks of life. Dr. Thomas maps the path to success and transforms lives, businesses and golf games forever!


Dr. Thomas is available for print, radio and television interviews.

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