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Dr. Tina Thomas’ exclusive, innovative, proven programs decrease work-related stress, improve workplace morale and motivation and enhance customer service and sales.


When you understand the biological basis of personality you . . .

  • Improve communication based on an accurate understanding of personality.
  • Reduce overhead by not having to replace employees.
  • Increase productivity in the workplace.
  • Improve company morale and customer service results.
  • Learn to leave work at the office and be focused on family and friends when you are home!
  • Will be more at peace with any relationship you have ever had, have now or will have in the future.


When you know how to activate a part of the brain known as the RAS (Reticular Activating System) you . . .

  • Can achieve your goals in record time.


When you understand how to reprogram a part of the brain known as the Limbic System you . . .

  • Can eliminate self-sabotaging beliefs.


When you understand the positive intentions of the 7 most misunderstood emotions . . .

  • You can have emotions working for you instead of against you.
  • Emotions become building blocks for creating the life you want rather than roadblocks to your happiness.


When you understand the language of Peace, Passion and Power you . . .

  • Can have more peace, passion and power in your life than you ever thought possible.


Dr. Thomas’ Most Requested Conference Keynote and Presentation Topics


Dr. Tina Thomas at TEDx CitadelParkWhat sets Dr. Tina Thomas apart from other speakers is that she is that rare combination of charisma and content. Her endearing charismatic style has garnered “Dr. T” a reputation of one of the most dynamic speakers on the circuit today. Not only is she engaging and inspiring, but she offers exclusive, proven, innovative programs that enable people to quickly achieve their goals, whether it’s business success, personal growth or gaining a competitive edge.

By combining the science of psychology and the art of psychotherapy, Dr. Thomas has discovered the principles of living a healthier, happier and more successful life. Dr. T’s 30-plus years researching human potential and the biological basis of personality has resulted in programs that are easily understood and implemented by the lay person and have changed the lives of entrepreneurs, educators, CEO’s, medical professionals and people from all walks of life. Dr. Thomas maps the path to success and transforms lives, businesses and golf games forever!


The  Ultimate Edge

How to Be, Do and Get ANYTHING You Want


This program, 207104, has been approved for 1 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

In this two-part presentation based on her new book of the same title, Dr. Thomas begins by presenting cutting-edge information on how a part of the brain known as the limbic system gets imprinted with mental maps or blueprints that are needed for survival and success. However, some blueprints can be limiting and create negative self-fulfilling prophecy results. When a person understands how the limbic system gets programmed, then it is much easier to discover unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs and reprogram them in a way to benefit the person. The second stage involves another part of the brain known as the RAS, aka reticular activating system, that acts as a filter which, when properly utilized, helps a person to see opportunities to accelerate the goal achieving process. Dr. T’s presentation is a real “wow” experience. People are amazed at the process and their results.


Who Do You Think You Are?

Understanding People from the Inside Out


This program, 205018, has been approved for 1 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.

Learn about the biological basis of personality and how to “speak” the language of the nine basic types of personalities. This includes learning the worldviews and communication styles of each of those personalities. With this understanding and a few basic guidelines you will find working with employees (and coworkers!) much less frustrating and potentially downright fun! Dr. Tina Thomas will teach you to communicate more effectively by reading people more accurately and then speaking their language. Based on Dr. Thomas’ groundbreaking theory of the biological basis of personality.


Getting Your RAS in Gear!!!

The RAS, i.e. Reticular Activating System, is a part of the brain that acts as a filter which, when properly utilized, helps a person to see opportunities to accelerate the goal achieving process. Dr. T will provide you with the toolkit your business needs to reach its goals quickly. Learn to identify goals, activate your RAS and maintain that activation. With the Dr. T’s toolkit, your current “someday” could be your today!


Up to Your RAS in Alligators

Combining information from science, psychology and the art of living, “Dr. T” will share how to get your RAS in gear and conclude with her “Tina Thomas’ Top 10 Tips” which also includes information from her book The Ultimate Edge, as well as information on personality and emotional intelligence. This information combined creates a powerful strategy for decreasing stress and balancing life, work and play.


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“If you are looking for a ‘wow’ speaker with ‘wow’ information that can give your next conference an added boost that will have participants thinking and talking about her impact for months, look no further than Dr. Tina Thomas.” Steve Gilliland, Bestselling Author, Speaker Hall of Fame

“Our staff members are still raving about your presentation and asking for ‘Round 2‘! The information you presented is extremely useful and we really enjoyed your warmth and ability to explain it in an interesting and entertaining way. You sure have a lot of personality, and energy! I would highly recommend you to other hospitals and human resource departments. Not only has it improved how our staff communicates with the patients, but how they communicate with each other.” Jeanne Wilson, MBA, Director, Training and Development, Slidell Memorial Hospital

“Dr. Tina Thomas was very engaging, capturing the attention of our employees from the outset and keeping them hanging on her every word. She has a gift for disseminating scientific principles and illustrating their direct application and benefit in the workplace. Dr. Thomas’ ability to bridge the gap between academia and immediate, real-world applications makes for extremely useful and valuable information. Follow up after 6 months and after 1 year showed 95% retention of main ideas and significant improvement in the way employees felt about themselves and each other. Customer complaints dropped by a whopping 50%!!! Our employees also reported significantly decreased stress in handling angry customers… correction… “customers who were scared and needed our help!” Dr. Eric Schulze, 24/7 Radiology

“I want to thank you for the outstanding presentation done for Regina Coeli Child Development’s Annual Training. The presentation was truly an educational experience for our staff and the highlight of the day!  I had multiple staff members tell me how excellent the training was and how they wished you had more time to speak with us. One staff member even stated:  ‘I could not take my eyes off Dr. Thomas! So interesting- I will be a more understandable daughter, mother, friend and teacher because of the information I learned from her!’ Thanks again for a job well done!” Jamie Vicknair, Regina Coeli Child Development Center

“I spent a weekend with Tony Robbins and was impressed, but after having spent time with Dr. T, I am beyond amazed. My friends are amazed at how healthy I have become, how great I look and how wonderful I feel. My business has skyrocketed as a direct result of working with Dr. T, and I honestly don’t have enough words to express what an incredible experience it has been.” Don Wood, Global 1 Realty

“Dear Tina: Even after one year since your presentation at KCMC people still comment about how wonderful your workshop was and how they still think about your message. You have enriched my life and many others. Asante Sana. (Thank you very much).” Monyachi Mukundi, Founder of Nurses for Mental Health, Kilimanjoro Christian Medical Center, Moshi, Tanzania

“It was an absolute delight to have you as our featured speaker. Your ideas are not only fascinating and intriguing, but extremely useful. You did a great job with explaining a challenging topic and making it easy to understand.” Duke Wellness Center

“Innovative, engaging. passionate, enlightening, insightful, relevant – a very insightful exposition of enlightened thinking that exists in traditional community.” Dr. Richard Tscherne, Psychologist


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  • TEDx CitadelPark
  • Duke Wellness Center
  • University of Vienna
  • ORBIS Corporation
  • East Jefferson General Hospital
  • Slidell Memorial Hospital
  • HealthTrust University
  • KCMC (Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center) – Tanzania
  • Solutions – Bangalore India
  • Bagla and Associates – England
  • Women’s Hospital
  • Opthamology Conference – Greece
  • Terrebonne General Medical Center
  • Solatube International
  • Tulane Medical Center
  • HOPE Foundation
  • International Association of Facilitators
  • Sealed Air Corp
  • Telerad Solutions
  • Black Rock Educators Consortium
  • Leadership Perryton – Perryton, Texas
  • 2012 Film Industry Expo

  • 2013 Film Industry Expo
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • National Naval Officer Association
  • Sivananda  Yoga Center – Bahamas
  • Institute for Self-Actualization – France
  • Phoenix Rising Retreat – Costa Rica
  • Anathatha Yoga Center – Belize
  • International Biofeedback Conference – Germany
  • International Biofeedback Conference – Netherlands
  • Bermuda Tourism Center – Bermuda
  • Louisiana SHRM
  • Arkansas SHRM State Council
  • Atlanta SHRM
  • HR Florida State Council
  • NACE (National Association Catering and Events)
  • Kamandalu Resort – Bali
  • LeMeridian Pyramids Hotel and Spa – Cairo, Egypt
  • Zanzibar Commission for Tourism – Zanzibar
  • 24/7 Radiology – Singapore


A Personal Message from Dr. Tina Thomas



Dr. Tina Thomas gives empowering keynote speeches, seminars and facilitates corporate training across the country and internationally*. Dr. Thomas has a proven track record of assessing companies and implementing training that assists with conflict resolution, reducing stress in the work place and improving communication, customer service and sales. In short, her fresh, cutting edge, multifaceted approach of understanding people from the inside out including personality, goal achievement and motivational strategies WILL increase your bottom line!

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*Dr. Thomas has presented in all 50 states, Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Belize, India, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, Bermuda, The Bahamas, France, England, Greece, Tanzania and Zanzibar.