Who Do You Think You Are?


Who Do You Think You Are? - Dr. Tina Thomas


“There is no such thing as a difficult person, just people with difficult personalities!”
—Dr. Tina Thomas

You aren’t who you are by accident. Turns out your personality and its purposeful “gift” to the world are locked into your DNA code—making you uniquely you for a reason. In Who Do You Think You Are? personality expert Dr. Tina Thomas shares a groundbreaking biological theory of personality based on a very true-to-life personality system. With this information you can: better understand yourself and others, improve communication, and most importantly understand the unique chemistry of your personality—that is, learn how the chemicals that create your personality affect you and how you can influence those chemicals to create a healthier and happier life! Those who understand personality and its biological basis never look at themselves or others in the same way again. Understanding personality this way will help you to understand what motivates you and others.

Who Do You Think You Are? teaches you how to adjust your internal and external environments to optimize your specific personality chemistry to become the person you always hoped you could be, and create the life circumstances you only dreamed were possible. And, if that isn’t extraordinary enough, this new knowledge will create more compassion within yourself and more peace within all the relationships you ever had, have now, or will have in the future. Understanding yourself from the inside out may be the single most important body of information you ever need to reach your full potential.

Who do you think you are? You may be delighted and surprised when you discover yourself this way!


Praise for Who Do You Think You Are?


Dr. Tina Thomas’s work establishing the biological substrate of the nine Enneagram personality types could prove to be a major breakthrough in our field. While those of us who have worked with the spiritual and psychological implications of this system for many years have never doubted its objectivity and immense usefulness, it will be helpful to have an empirically based explanation of why the Enneagram is so able to capture, with precision and elegance, the personality categories that we see in human beings across cultures and in different ages. While other studies have validated the objectivity of the nine Enneagram personality types, no one before has attempted to ground the origin of personality in brain chemistry the way Dr. Thomas has. This is truly pioneering work which has many profound and practical applications.

– Don Richard Riso, bestselling author of Personality Types and The Wisdom of the Enneagram



In this lively book, Dr. Thomas presents her audacious case for integrating the wide range of research on personality into “OBT” (One Big Theory) that has direct applications to everyday life, and is illustrated with a multitude of vivid and compelling examples.

– David C. Funder, Distinguished Professor, Ph.D., Stanford University, 1979, author of The Personality Puzzle



Step aside Dr. Phil; move over Dr. Oz. I truly believe that Dr. Tina Thomas is to personality psychology what Einstein was to physics and what Watson and Crick were to biology.

– Eric Schulze MD PhD, radiologist, researcher, CEO Lifetrack Medical Systems,certified Enneagram teacher



Dr. Tina Thomas’ book Who Do You Think You Are? is a fascinating exploration of the study of personality and the way self-knowledge can be used by readers to better their interactions with others. Readers will benefit from her intellectual, but conversational, style of writing and her thorough analysis of the subject. There seems to be little in the book that doesn’t have a straightforward usefulness attached to it.

– Denis Boyles, author, former university lecturer, contributing and senior editor of Men’s Health, National Lampoon and The New York Times Magazine