“A Very Big Thank You” for her presentation this morning. She had a rapt audience and I feel the most enjoyable presentation we’ve ever had!” John Gavel, The Exchange Club of West St. Tammany

“Dr. Tina Thomas was very engaging, capturing the attention of our employees from the outset and keeping them hanging on her every word. She has a gift for disseminating scientific principles and illustrating their direct application and benefit in the workplace. Dr. Thomas’ ability to bridge the gap between academia and immediate, real-world applications makes for extremely useful and valuable information. Follow up after 6 months and after 1 year showed 95% retention of main ideas and significant improvement in the way employees felt about themselves and each other. Customer complaints dropped by a whopping 50%!!! Our employees also reported significantly decreased stress in handling angry customers… correction… “customers who were scared and needed our help!” Dr. Eric Schulze, 24/7 Radiology

“Our staff members are still raving about your presentation and asking for ‘Round 2‘! The information you presented is extremely useful and we really enjoyed your warmth and ability to explain it in an interesting and entertaining way. You sure have a lot of personality, and energy! I would highly recommend you to other hospitals and human resource departments. Not only has it improved how our staff communicates with the patients, but how they communicate with each other.” Jeanne Wilson, MBA, Director, Training and Development, Slidell Memorial Hospital

“I spent a weekend with Tony Robbins and was impressed, but after having spent time with Dr. T, I am beyond amazed. My friends are amazed at how healthy I have become, how great I look and how wonderful I feel. My business has skyrocketed as a direct result of working with Dr. T, and I honestly don’t have enough words to express what an incredible experience it has been.” Don Wood, Global 1 Realty

“Dr. Tina Thomas was one of the most delightful speakers we’ve ever had at the Women of Possibilities’ Women’s Day Out. In moments, she had our guests on their feet, smiling, dancing, laughing and setting the tone for the entire event. In minutes she had everyone in the room electrified at newly-considered possibilities for their lives. She employs a highly-intelligent, effective and gentle but laser-like sharpness to her coaching from which everyone can benefit. I recommend her highly as a speaker and a coach.” Jax Frey, Founder, Women of Infinite Possibilities

“Dear Tina: Even after one year since your presentation at KCMC people still comment about how wonderful your workshop was and how they still think about your message. You have enriched my life and many others. Asante Sana. (Thank you very much).” Monyachi Mukundi, Founder of Nurses for Mental Health, Kilimanjoro Christian Medical Center, Moshi, Tanzania

“Dr. T, What a delight it was to meet you today and to hear you present. I so very much enjoyed and appreciated your presentation. THANK YOU for being such an inspiration and for emphasizing the value of a positive, thankful mindset. I pray many blessings upon you as you continue to be an agent of encouragement and inspiration!” Scott Bludorn, Manager, Solar N Stuff

“Dr. T is exceptional! Her entertaining, inspiring, educational, upbeat presentations have helped motivate me to find my passion for helping others. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this same ‘motivational awakening’ in others who attended presentations for Contours Express. Thank you Dr. T.” Martha Neil Anthony, Feline Canine Coach, Forest Hill, LA

“Dr. T was funny and motivational. Her remarks on leadership, teamwork, and self-mastery were right on the mark. Dr. Tina’s tailoring made his entire talk a real ‘home run’ for our event.” Ann Corwin, 24/7 Radiology

“It was an absolute delight to have you as our featured speaker. Your ideas are not only fascinating and intriguing, but extremely useful. You did a great job with explaining a challenging topic and making it easy to understand.” Duke Wellness Center

“Innovative, engaging. passionate, enlightening, insightful, relevant – a very insightful exposition of enlightened thinking that exists in traditional community.” Dr. Richard Tscherne, Psychologist

“EXCELLENT….best one of all! Would have sat another hour listening to her.” SHRM Conference, 2012

“What an incredibly different perspective.  And Tina was a fantastic presenter. This had to be a difficult time slot since it was the last one but I am so glad I stayed as I walked away with a fresh mind!” SHRM Conference, 2012

“This was a great way to end the conference!  The comedic level at the presentation really boosted everyone’s Serotonin during the hour.  This has challenged me to reassess how I respond to others and the messages I may be sending as well.  Awesome Ending!” SHRM Conference, 2012

“Wow … what a session.  I don’t know how she keeps up that pace!  It must be her serotonin … or was it the norepinephrine?  Definitely helps you apply a new methodology to interacting with difficult people… no, make that difficult personalities.” SHRM Conference, 2012

“By far one of the most interesting sessions of the entire event. I enjoyed this speaker very much. She presented the information in a way that was easy to understand and remember.” SHRM Conference, 2012

“This by far was the best session. I didn’t want to leave I wish I could have gotten another hour of this speaker. She was an out of the box thinker and presenter. I truly enjoyed this session and this was an excellent session to have ended the conference with. She would be an excellent keynote speaker for next year!” SHRM Conference, 2012

“This was my favorite session.  Tina was so engaging and extremely enlightening on the topic!  I learned so much in this session I wished that it was longer and more detailed.  It was nice to look at people in a different way.” SHRM Conference, 2012

“WOW – Great Speaker!!  Was the perfect way to end the conference.   Very different approach to handling difficult personalities but yet made sense.” SHRM Conference, 2012

“Wow!  Love Tina Thomas.  This did not turn out to be the presentation I thought it would be but I thoroughly appreciated that.  It made me want to think outside of the box on this subject.   Thanks for booking her for this event!” SHRM Conference, 2012