The Nine-Point Personality System (NPS)


Improve your personal and professional life NOW. Become a better Parent, Leader, Employee, Spouse, Friend or just become a better person.

Dr. Tina Thomas has a powerful system that is not only amazing but fun and engaging to learn. Once you understand the simple biological basis of personality you will never look at yourself or others in the same way again!

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The Nine-Point Personality System is a highly accurate, biologically based system for determining and understanding personality. Understanding your personality and the personality of others is key to creating better understanding, communication and relationships in every area of your life.


Basic Principles of the Nine Point Personality System


The Nine-Point Personality System (NPS) is composed of nine basic personality types, with each exhibiting a range of behaviors based upon nine discrete prime motivations.  The constellation of behaviors is relatively distinct for each of the nine types, and is relatively specific to a type depending upon the individual’s level of function (how functional or dysfunctional a person is within their type).

Like most representational systems that describe a dynamic system, the NPS is both simple and complex, depending on the level at which it is studied and applied.  Consider that all of art is based on three primary colors.  It is the mastery of the artist that can take those colors and create “The Mona Lisa” or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Likewise, the NPS is based on simple constructs.  With further study, through observation of one’s self and others, along with maturity and understanding of psychology, one sees this rich system as dynamic and as deep as the human beings it seeks to map.

The following are the basic principles of the modern Nine-Point Personality System:

1)  There are nine basic personality types. Actually, there are 27 possible combinations of high, medium and low personality related neurotransmitters but for practical purposes they can be sorted out to nine “basic” types.

2)  The types are universal. Although different cultures seem to support and admire or have challenges with specific types, all nine personalities appear in all cultures.

3)  No type is better than any other type. Granted, we believe some types of personalities may be a bit more challenging to have (or to deal with) but it is important to note that all personality  types have their own set of challenges. It is also helpful to note that the “gifts” that comes with the various personality types can also become a disadvantage (based on the person’s level of health/function). This is truly an example of the blessing is the curse and vice versa.

4)  All human beings have aspects of all personality types. Just like a radio station that contains all channels, we, as human beings (having all three neurotransmitters) can at least temporarily “visit” the other 8 personalities.

5) The Nine-Point Personality System is both predictive and prescriptive. Each personality will temporarily “visit” another personality (under stress and also under optimal conditions) in a very specific pattern. Understanding the biological basis of personality and also the types themselves give the person an opportunity to make choices that helps to balance their personality and reach a higher level of functioning.

6)  The Nine-Point Personality System has often been referred to as a spiritual entry-level tool. When a person truly understands him or herself, he or she is in a much better place to have acceptance and compassion for oneself and others. In addition, understanding this system leads to non-judgmental observance which has long been a practice that leads to enlightenment.

7)  It appears that personality is biologically based.  It is also influenced by environment. Initially the level of health/function of the family that a person is born into determines the level and way that personality expresses itself. Over time however, a person can, with appropriate support and doing one’s “emotional homework”, become much healthier. Conversely, negative life experiences coupled with lack of support and self-awareness can lead a person down the levels of health to self-destructive and low levels of function.

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