The Ultimate Edge

How to Be, Do and Get ANYTHING You Want




Save time.

Save money.

Save heartache.


This one-stop shop for self improvement combines the art and science of over thirty years of Dr. Tina Thomas’ experience as a Gestalt therapist to give you the tools to the “fire” of your personal problems rather than dealing with all the psychoanalytical smoke.

Issues with work, goal achievement, anxiety, stress, depression, relationships? The Ultimate Edge gives you the edge in life by explaining how your brain creates the mental maps that initially protect you but ultimately can sabotage your life.

You will learn how to change those mental maps so that, as far as your brain is concerned, you have an alternate past, which by default creates an alternate present and future, filled with liberating possibilities. Additionally, you will learn about the seven most misunderstood emotions and how to utilize them to your advantage. Finally, you will learn how to get your RAS in gear.

The Reticular Activating System is a filter in the brain that, once activated, helps you to achieve your goals quickly and dynamically. The Ultimate Edge is a guidebook to more peace, passion and power than you ever imagined!


Praise for The Ultimate Edge


“Dr. Tina Thomas’ book, The Ultimate Edge, is a book that transcends advice and self-help books. It is a part of the realm of books that can genuinely assist the reader to do more than lose weight or dress better. It provides a roadmap to greater stability in life and provides readers with something that can aid them in accomplishing larger, lifechanging goals.

The Ultimate Edge is clear and direct to the point in its writing. Not only does Dr. Thomas manage to tackle complex subjects (for example, the different parts of the brain) but she manages to do so in such a way that reading the work is enjoyable and understandable, even to an uninitiated reader. Who would have thought such material could be a joy to read?”

Dennis Boyles, former editor of Men’s Health magazine


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