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  • total_life_redo

    Total Life Redo – One Hour Consultation

    What would you like your life to look like? How do you want to “be” emotionally? mentally? spiritually? physically?

    What would you like to “do” with your personal and professional life?

    What would you like to “have” in terms of relationships, finances, success and lifestyle ?

    After completing an in-depth interview – Dr. T will design a “blueprint” for you to help you to be, do and have those things you desire in the most elegant, dynamic and fastest way possible.

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    The Ultimate Edge – Paperback

    Save time. Save money. Save heartache. This one-stop shop for self improvement combines the art and science of over thirty years of Dr. Tina Thomas’ experience as a Gestalt therapist to give you the tools to the “fire” of your personal problems rather than dealing with all the psychoanalytical smoke.

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    A Gentle Path – Paperback

    This groundbreaking guide from Tina Thomas, Ph.D. will help you harness your knowledge and inner resources to achieve your dreams. With A Gentle Path, no matter where you are starting the journey, you can discover peaceful, joyful, and elegantly simple ways of making your dreams come true.

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  • Understanding People from the Inside Out Cover

    Understanding People from the Inside Out

    There is No Such Thing as a Difficult Person… (Just People with Difficult Personalities!) Your life is about to become a lot easier! Learn how to “speak” the language of the nine basic personalities. Improve your ability to communicate, decrease stress and increase your ability to manifest.More Details

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    Enlighten Up

    Dr. Tina Thomas demystifies the enlightenment process by explaining what enlightenment is and what it is NOT. Learn the 9 Characteristics Associated with the Enlightening Process and how to develop those characteristics within yourself.

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    Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin In Traffic

    Traffic as a tool for achieving inner peace? You bet! Dr. Tina Thomas will teach you why traffic is a great “lab” for leaning what your triggers are and how to diffuse them. Dr. T shares her 8 Principles for Peaceful Living and teaches you how to apply them to your life.

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    Affirmations for Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin In Traffic

    Ten minutes of soothing affirmations inspired by Let There Be Peace On Earth & Let It Begin In Traffic.

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