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(can be from 20 minutes to 90 minutes)


Understanding Personality to Accomplish Almost Anything!


Most people are not aware of how much personality influences the way they perceive their world and are affected by it. This also means that most people are not aware of how much they can motivate themselves and influence the people and circumstances that surround them. What is personality? How do nature and nurture create our personality? How do we learn to work with our personality so that we can accomplish almost anything? Dr. T will answer those questions and more.


Peace, Passion & Power in Your Life  (Personality PLUS Series*)


An overview of the principles of A Gentle Path and how to apply those principals to create an amazing life for yourself.


Getting your RAS in Gear (Personality PLUS Series*)


Come get your RAS kicked. Dr. Tina Thomas will act as your Personal Trainer, getting your brain in shape to manifest your goals into a reality.

What’s your RAS?

RAS stands for Reticular Activating System, essentially, its the part of your brain that focuses energy on demanding that your goals become a reality. Open up your line to the universe with just a few simple step

(Also available as a seminar. )



(can be from 90 minutes to 6 hours)


Using Your Brain for a Change (Personality PLUS Series*)


Learn the secrets to the inner workings of your brain that are related to helping you achieve your goals and creating your dreams come true. With this information you can achieve your goals more quickly, dynamically and elegantly than you might have thought possible. People are amazed at the process and their results!


The Secrets to Creating Incredible Relationships (Personality PLUS Series*)


Relationships are about to become a lot easier! Learn how to “speak” the language of the nine basic types of personalities. This includes learning the basic motivation and fears of each of those personalities. With this understanding and a few basic guidelines you will find that relationships are much less frustrating and potentially downright fun! Learn an elegant process of listening to personality that creates intimacy and promotes healthy relationships.


A Gentle Path – A Guide to Peace Passion and Power (Personality PLUS Series*)


Based on Dr T’s book, this experiential workshop is a crash course in understanding:

How to reprogram self-sabotaging imprints that keep you from experience peace; how to listen to and express your emotions for a more passionate life; and how to access your personal power to create the life of your dreams!


*Personality PLUS Series


What’s beyond understanding Personality???

The keynotes and seminars in the Personality PLUS Series are extremely beneficial to businesses and organizations that work with people. These keynotes and seminars are all based on cutting-edge information related to optimizing human potential and are and extensions of Dr. Thomas’ work.

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