Goodbye to a Mentor

Today is a somber day for me as I prepare for a journey to New York for the memorial service of Don Riso, one of the greatest thinkers of our time. I believe that Don’s contribution to humanity has not yet weighed in, but when it does, I think we will look back and see that it was a huge gift to the world and a piece of the puzzle that will ultimately give us the opportunity to understand ourselves and each other better and contribute to the possibility of world peace.

Don made major contributions to the field that ultimately inspired the work that I and my research partner, Dr. Eric Schulze did, which was the biological basis and social orientation contribution to the field. Don Riso is a giant whose shoulders I stand on.

I remember very vividly his biggest concern was that he never felt quite up to the task – the challenge of sharing the message of the power of this understanding of personality, and I certainly can relate to that sense, but I see that my job is to continue on building on his understanding of this system and to refine this system with its biological basis.

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